Hold onto your armor, Gears of War fans! Recently, Dave Bautista visited Litewave Media for a shoot for GEARS 5! It’s not everyday a Guardian of the Galaxy comes to hang and film on our Florida Sound Stage, and we were honored to host the project.

Our Tampa Bay video studio was used to film the trailer announcing Bautista as a playable character in the new GEARS 5 game!

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below and two announcement trailers featuring footage shot in our Tampa Video studio. See below!


Of course, only the live action content of Dave Bautista and the replica of his character’s in-game armor was shot in our studio. Also, the same people who made the Guardians of the Galaxy costumes built the armor Bautista wears in the video! The military case used in the video below was from a local St. Petersburg business as well! And most of the crew including the gaffer, photographer, makeup, stylists, production coordinator, etc were all local St. Petersburg and Tampa natives.


It was an honor to have the Guardians of the Galaxy star in our studio. And can’t wait to play the game!

Behind the Scenes of the GEARS 5 Shoot!

Additionally, our team coordinated the project and hired local crew for multiple departments. Namely in Grip and Electric, Costume, Audio, DIT, and Production! As we have done in the past for companies like Bic/Koozie‘s “The Original Chill” and a Culver’s National TV spots.

Along with our studio and office space, our client used our Lighting Grip Van and a variety of Camera Equipment from us. These included our ARRI SkyPanels, Quasars, hazers, and more in our lighting package.

Bautista Gears of War

Dave Bautista in his GEARS 5 getup!

Dave Bautista in our Tampa video studio in his GEARS 5 getup!


For filming the Director of Photography used our ARRI Alexa Mini for the project. Some of our favorite cinema lenses: the Cooke Anamorphic Special Flare lens set was also added to the package.

Check out this cool behind the scenes video from the GEARS 5 shoot featuring Dave Bautista!


Overall, we’re very grateful this opportunity came knocking on our door. We cannot wait to see Bautista in GEARS 5!

Gears of War Tampa Video studio

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