Litewave Media Films Web Video Commercial for Offerdat Mobile App

Litewave Media Films Web Video Commercial for Offerdat Mobile App

A sassy girl selling a toilet? A barbarian parting ways with his favorite codpiece…yes, read on!

Over the years, Litewave Media has enjoyed producing fun comedy videos, from our feature film Jules Dongu Saves the World, to our Binaca TV Commercials, Fantastics Sams TV Commercials, and many others. And so when Offerdat founder, Richard Wakeel came to our Tampa video company looking to produce a unique, fun, and quirky commercial to market his new mobile app, a lasting partnership was formed. Litewave Media founder recalls, “I remember when Richard walked in our doors. It felt like we were brothers from another time. We instantly clicked and our ideas just kept building together. This is one of the most fun projects we’ve ever worked on.”

Litewave Media crew filming commercial

Richard founder of Offerdat (left) with the Litewave Media video production crew on location

Offerdat offers a modern alternative for online classifieds and is available for both iOS and Android. Our Tampa Video Production Company scripted the video with Jeff and Christian co-writing the script along with Richard and his team. A number of top notch actors were hired, and filming took place at Brocante, an antique warehouse in St. Petersburg, FL. Our Tampa video crew found many unique items at the warehouse that were featured in the commercial.

Litewave Media grip and Tampa actors pose for a picture

Actors Lexi and Josh with our Litewave Media grip, Pinky

Our film crew arrived early in the morning to the location with our Tampa grip truck and Tampa production equipment. Christian directed and DP’d the shoot. Our gaffer, John Jones, and grip, Harold “Pinky” Hood, set up lighting. Jeff Zampino worked as script supervisor while Ana Christina Sanchez was production assistant. Mike Barnett was in charge of audio. Malachi Cull was behind-the-scenes video camera, and Maylin Morera was on-set photographer.

Offerdat founder Richard Walkeen and Director/DP, Christian Cashmir pose with our Tampa video crew and actors for the offerdat commercial

Litewave Media crew Pinky, John and Christian, Offerdat founder Richard and actors Josh and Linda

Our Tampa production crew filmed a variety of off-the-wall scenes, including a scenario where Richard (Offerdat founder) buys a used cod-piece from a barbarian, played by Josh Todd. The most challenging scene was the party scene that incorporated 15 actors and extravagant props.

The Litewave Media crew films the party scene for the commercial

Our Tampa commercial crew films the party scene

Our Tampa post production company edited the commercial video for Offerdat. Jordan Conely and Christian Cashmir composed the Offerdat theme song (feature at the end of the commercial) with both of the writers recording vocals and instruments at our Tampa recording studio. Jordan mixed and mastered the track. Check out the commercial below!

Our post production team also edited a “Don’t show yo mama” director’s cut version of the Tampa web commercial. Check out the video below to see why! Let us know which version you like better on our Facebook page.

The Litewave Media team had a blast filming Offerdat’s video commercial in Tampa, Florida and we are excited to share this fun project. Why waste your time selling stuff through a yard sale, or Craigslist when you can just snap a picture, price it and sell it with Offerdat!?

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Our Tampa Video Production Company Films Corporate Video for Health-e-Systems

Our Tampa Video Production Company Films Corporate Video for Health-e-Systems

Litewave Media was honored to film again with our long time clients and friends at Health-e-Systems. Our Tampa video production company has filmed several projects for Health-e-Systems over the last few years and their latest project was a blast to produce. We filmed the risk scenario corporate video in two days and in 5 different locations all around Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. The video just premiered last week at a medical convention in Las Vegas.

Our tampa video production company films at a construction site

Josh and George get ready to film. Mike readies the audio.

Our film crew arrived early to the first location with our Tampa grip truck. We set up the lighting and filmed a variety of scenes, including a wrestling scene and a hunting scene. One of the most challenging scenes was a bar fight sequence.

Litewave Media films wrestling scene

Christian films the wrestling scene

We hired 4 time American Ninja Warrior contestant, Christopher “Shinobi” Poli, to choreograph the bar scene. In order to create a realistic fight, our Tampa production company brought breakaway beer bottles. It took a few takes to get the timing right, but with Christopher’s choreography and the actors’ dedication, the scene went smoothly.

Our tampa video production company films bar scene

Actor George Vricos rehearses the bottle smash sequence

After the two days of shooting, the Litewave Media team went back to the studio to record the additional dialogue from the script in our Tampa Recording Studio.

Our tampa production company uses our Tampa recording studio

Lead actor, George Vricos, recording audio in our Tampa sound booth

Our Tampa photography studio was also used to create a doctor’s office scene. Director/ Director of Photography Christian Cashmir says, “this project was unique as our team incorporated video, photography and voice-over to create the finished project.”

Our tampa production company takes picture at our studio

Litewave Media founder Christian Cashmir capturing photos for the project at our Tampa video production studio

Health-e-Systems marketing director, Jill Knight, along with our Tampa post production company  spent a number of long days editing the video. Sound design, color correction and editing were all finished at Litewave Media’s HD/4K editing suite.

Our Tampa post-production team editing risk scenario video for Health-e-Systems

Our Tampa post-production team edits the Health-e-Systems corporate video

Check out the Health-e-Systems Risk Construction video below!

Litewave Media enjoyed bringing Health-e-Systems vision to life on the big screen. With 2 Bon Jovi songs, a choreographed bar fight, and a hand full of stunts, what more could you ask for!?

Our litewave media team gets ready to start shooting

Litewave Media crew member Jordan Conoly slates the first scene

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Litewave Media Shoots Tampa Music Video

Litewave Media Shoots Tampa Music Video


After several months of post production, the music video for “Dirty Blue Jeans” has been released by our Tampa video company. Litewave Media founder Christian Schwier was the lead editor and also performed the color correction from our Tampa post production studio.  The music video, which features singer Erin Cosgrove, was filmed by our video crew earlier this year.  We’re thrilled to show it to you now! Please check it out below.

“Dirty Blue Jeans” [Music Video] from ChristianSchwier | LitewaveMedia on Vimeo.

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Here’s the original blog about the music video from May 3, 2012!

Litewave Media’s Tampa video crew headed to Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida to film the music video for Erin Cosgrove’s new single, “Dirty Blue Jeans.”  This high end music video production will support the band’s efforts to help the single go viral.

Litewave Media the leading innovative video production company, took a Tampa production crew of twelve, including lighting techs, camera, Jib, and Dolly operators, and production assistants to the famous Florida state park known for its ancient cypress oaks.  The video was filmed on three Canon 7D cameras using Canon L series lenses, which provided stellar quality and pushed the optical envelope.

The flora and fauna at Weeki Wachee provided the perfect backdrop for the country-crossover single. Getting the perfect shots and right angles was a breeze with Kessler Crane’s motorized slider. Add in the Steadicam, Varizoom Quick Jib and a number of DSLR shoulder rigs and the result is clear, crisp footage that will create a video worthy of an MTV premier.

Editing is scheduled this month at Litewave Media video production studios in St. Petersburg, Florida. Using Final Cut Pro and After Effects, the team will craft the perfect video to accompany the pop country song that Erin recorded earlier this year at Tampa’s premier recording studio, Litewave Media. The music video and single will be available in June 2012 on iTunes.

This is one of a number of music videos shot by our video production company in Tampa, Florida. To talk to us about shooting your music video or other video production needs, e-mail us at [email protected].

The Varizoom Quick Jib made it easy to capture the band’s performance.

Director Christian Schwier and Litewave Media team member, Jeff Zampino, scope out a shot for the music video production of “Dirty Blue Jeans.”

Erin’s band jams while Litewave Media films it all with Canon 7D cameras and L Series lenses.

Litewave Media hired for HD Post Production on Feature Film “Paradise Lost”

Litewave Media hired for HD Post Production on Feature Film “Paradise Lost”

Litewave Media began work editing a feature film shot entirely in Florida in April of 2009 and by the 2nd week in May (after many sleepless nights) the entire film had been edited.  The 90 minute film titled, “Paradise Lost” is an action-based film with car chases and excitement abound. Litewave Media’s two editors and post script supervisor tackled the job together. The film premiered on May 15th 2009 in Sarasota, FL.


Helicopter films a car chase from feature film production: Paradise Lost