Koozie’s New Tampa Commercial Video Films Locally With Litewave Media

Koozie’s New Tampa Commercial Video Films Locally With Litewave Media

The Litewave Media team recently had the chance to work with the Bic/Koozie brand. We helped them to create a national branding video commercial for their new line of Koozie products. Our production company produced and filmed this Tampa commercial video over the course of two days. The first day took place at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs, Florida to provide a camping and barbecue setting. The second day the video crew filmed at a luxurious house in Tampa for a pool hangout scene with waterfall and grotto on site!


Director Christian Cashmir films on the ARRI Alexa Mini setup on the Dana Dolly

Tampa Commercial Video for Koozie Filmed on ARRI Alexa Mini

Since we love the techy film details, here’s the scoop…this Tampa commercial video was shot on the ARRI Alexa Mini camera at 48fps (slow motion) using Canon CN-E Cinema Primes lenses. It was primarily filmed on a Dana Dolly and the Freefly Movi Pro gimbal to give the shots movement and a cinematic look to the footage.


Sean Keller was one of the DPs for the Koozie commercial

Koozie is known for their beverages sleeves that keep drinks cold (or hot). They reached out to Litewave Media to make a new commercial video to showcase their new products. Their new line of outdoor products launches in 2019 and will include coolers, backpacks, and camping gear. The commercial was filmed completely in Tarpon Springs, FL and Tampa, Florida.


Director Christian Cashmir from Litewave Media with the Koozie creative team

Christian Cashmir directed and produced the spot, while Sean Keller and Scott Sullivan worked as the cinematographers. Lucas Schatzberg edited. We also had many other members of our Litewave Media team on board including Maggie Hudak on production design, Nikki Stefansic on Makeup, and Andrew Ortoski as gaffer. The Litewave Media lighting and grip truck was working on this shoot as well.


The Litewave Media video crew watches on a SmallHD 702 Monitor as the footage is filmed

The video incorporates slow motion footage with shots of friends camping and hanging out at the pool to create a nostalgic outdoorsy feel for Koozie’s new products.


Scott Sullivan, DP for the second day of filming, captures the scene on the Movi Pro Gimbal.

“This fantastic cast and crew who helped behind the scenes really brought this video to life. Definitely one of the most fun shoots we’ve done in the last year!” Cashmir said about the shoot.


Our Tampa production crew and cast at the wrap of filming

Check out the extended cut of Koozie’s commercial below, produced right here in St. Petersburg, FL.

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Litewave Media Produces Comic Con TV Commercials

Litewave Media Produces Comic Con TV Commercials

What happens when Spider-Man crosses paths with a Lady Gaga playlist in our Tampa video production studio? This year’s Comic Con TV commercials of course! For the last five years, our Tampa vIdeo company, Litewave Media has had the pleasure of working with the team behind one of the largest Comic Con franchises in the country to produce TV commercials and YouTube spots.

This year, our production company produced spots for San Francisco Comic Con, Atlanta Comic Con, Indiana Comic Con, Michigan Comic Con, and of course, Tampa Comic Con. The commercials will begin airing this March through the end of 2018. The one and only Spider-Man made an appearance and brought with him an arsenal of toys and collectibles for the spots.

Tampa video studio white cyc.

Got comics? Spidey strikes a pose on our Tampa video studio floor.

The 30 second TV spots as well as shorter commercial segments for YouTube were filmed on our ARRI Alexa Mini camera in 4k with Canon lenses. The spot was lit with our ARRI Skypanel s60 as well as a few Litepanel Astras, and our Altman Spectra 100 cyc lights. Check out our Tampa grip and lighting rental page for more info on our lighting packages.

The director sets up the next shot as the talent gets ready for his scene.

Director, Christian Cashmir, films on our ARRI Alexa Mini while Spidey gets into character for his dancing scene.

Our Tampa video crew had a blast spending the day with the web-slinging superhero. With shooting wrapped, post production and editing of the project took place in one of our 4k Tampa video editing suites. To finish off the spot in true Comic Con fashion, our own Christian Cashmir composed a Lady Gaga-inspired song just for the commercials.

That's a wrap for this Tampa based film crew.

Comics, action figures, trading cards, and of course Spidey…just another day at the office here at Litewave Media!

We had a great time on this project and look forward to doing it again next year! In the mean time, check out the first commercial for Indiana Comic Con right here!


Don’t forget to visit Tampa Bay Comic Con this coming August! May the Nerdiness be with you!

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Tampa Video Production Company Films With Acting Legend

Tampa Video Production Company Films With Acting Legend

Over the last few weeks, our Tampa video production company has been busy shooting new TV shows for Netflix and Discovery Channel as well as TV commercials and Florida corporate videos right here in our own Tampa video production studio. We’ve also had the opportunity to work on an independent feature film with some pretty amazing actors.

Our Florida video production crew recently worked with the one and only Burt Reynolds! We were able to operate a teleprompter for Mr. Reynolds for his entire time on the production. “It was a great opportunity to work with Mr. Reynolds. I used to watch his movies, and now we are filming together”, says Litewave Media crew member Steffen Thiel.


Our Tampa video production crew member Mike Garland with acting legend Burt Reynolds.

On another recent project, we were happy to welcome the team from the Special Operations Warrior Foundation(SOWF) to our Tampa video studio. SOWF is an excellent group dedicated to supporting the families of wounded and fallen Special Ops Heroes. “The foundation is great! They help these families both financially and spiritually to get them back on their feet. They’re just an incredible team of caring people who know what it’s like to lose a family member like that and want to help in any way they can,” says our own Tampa video crew member and Air Force veteran Mike Garland. Litewave Media founder, Christian Cashmir was on set for the TV commercial as 1st camera assistant as well as Andrew Ortoski who gaffed the shoot. Litewave Media’s own Johanne Castagan, Rich Brito, and Steffen Thiel also worked on the shoot. Look out for it on ESPN where it will air nationwide!


5 Hour Energy’s TV commercial production filming at Litewave Media’s Tampa video production studio.

Check out the commercial below:

Our Tampa video production team also had the great opportunity to work on a new Netflix series called “Captive” which will be airing this summer. Director of photography Christian Cashmir operated our MoVi M5 camera gimbal for the show with our Sony A7s II on-board shooting in 4k!


On the new Netflix show “Captive,” Litewave Media’s Christian Cashmir operates our MoVi M5 camera gimbal with Sony A7s II

Our next shoot brought us down to beautiful Anna Maria Island. Litewave Media’s Tampa video equipment rental and Tampa grip truck packages were on hand for this national TV show for Discovery Channel. Christian Cashmir served as director of photography on the show “Stranger Than Florida”, while Sasha Sebesta and Steffen Thiel worked as grips. The Litewave Media camera crew provided lighting, video, and audio gear for the high-end broadcast production of this national TV show.


Our Tampa video production company shooting an interview for the Discovery Channel show “Stranger Than Florida”.

Quite a few of the projects we film go to LA, New York, or elsewhere for editing and finishing, but many stay right here in St. Petersburg, Florida to work at our full service post-production facility, Litewave Studios. Our Tampa post-production suites feature state-of-the-art equipment, voice over booth, and modern editing programs to service large scale productions.

It’s been a busy few weeks at our Tampa video production company, but that’s just the way we like it!

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Litewave Media Photographs Parkour Pro: Shinobi Poli

Litewave Media Photographs Parkour Pro: Shinobi Poli

Litewave Media had a blast shooting this past week on a really unique photo assignment. As a Tampa video production company our focus is video, but every once in a while we strap on our Canon 5D mark III, sombrero and red cape, and become a Tampa photography studio. So this past Thursday, our Tampa photographers went on-site to Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark to do a photography session with 4 time American Ninja Warrior contestant, Shinobi Poli. American Parkour will be running a story about him and his training academy, Shinobi School, next month. Shinobi owns and operates this Parkour school, one of the top schools in the country, right out of Tampa. He came to Litewave Media in need of professional pictures of his parkour moves in action, and of course… we said yes!

Litewave media captures stunt fight choreographer training parkour

Litewave Media captures Shinobi Poli catching some air time

Shinobi is also Litewave Media’s go-to stunt guy for our Tampa video productions. He has choreographed several of our projects including, a fight scene for our Heineken TV commercial, a bar fight in a corporate video for Health-e-Systems, and stunt choreography for our very first feature length film Jules Dongu Saves The World.

Litewave media captures stunt fight choreographer training parkour

Shinobi showing off his Parkour moves at the Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark

Over the course of the afternoon, Shinobi performed almost 100 flips and stunts at the skate park to capture the Parkour photos. Our Florida photography studio had a great time shooting with Shinobi, and we can’t wait for our next project with him.

Litewave media captures stunt fight choreographer training parkour

He makes this stuff look easy!

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Litewave Media Films TV Commercial For Sarasota Boating Company

Litewave Media Films TV Commercial For Sarasota Boating Company

Open water. Sunsets on the Gulf. Wind blowing in our hair….Our latest shoot might sound more like a vacation! But our team worked hard to get some amazing shots for boating company, Beavertail Skiffs! The Litewave Media production team spent two days filming on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico capturing cinematic footage of the boats as well as interviews that will be used for both a TV commercial and web video. Beavertail Skiffs are manufactured with advanced technology making their boats top notch in performance, quality and durability – and the video will show how they use this tech to make the best boats. Beavertail Skiffs was looking to film a TV commercial to promote their product and hired our Tampa video production company to take on the challenge.

Litewave Media films a commercial for Beaverskiff

Our Tampa camera operator, John Jones, films onboard a Beavertail Skiff boat

Our Tampa video crew member, John Jones, was the cinematographer for the shoot. He filmed on the Sony FS100 video camera which enabled him to capture sweeping slow motion shots of the boats. The first day, our Tampa video production team started at the warehouse to film some interviews with Beavertail Skiffs’ owners William and Elizabeth Leslie. We brought our Litepanel LED lights and Kino Flo Divas from our Tampa grip truck to light up the interviews. “We love using the LEDs to film interviews,” says John. “They are easy to transport and quick to setup on smaller shoots. It makes us really efficient.”

Litewave Media films a commercial for Beaverskiff

Our Tampa video crew films with the Skiffs out on the water

The second day, Beavertail Skiffs brought 5 boats into the open water. John captured cinematic shots filming from a variety of angles. Some of the shots included filming the owners and employees using different fishing techniques, including flight fishing, and the boats traveling through the sea in slow-motion. At the end of the day, the team captured a perfect sunset with the boats riding off into the sunset.

Litewave Media films a commercial for Beaverskiff

John films the Beavertail Skiffs riding into the sunset

Florida is a wonderful location for boating and outdoor filming, and we love getting out of the office to enjoy a little fresh air! Our Tampa production company had a great time filming with Beavertail Skiffs and looks forward to our next adventure!

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