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At Litewave Media, video production is our passion. From creating original films and web series to producing national TV commercials and video ad campaigns, our video studio does it all.

Our Professional Tampa Video Company

Litewave Media is a full-service video production company based in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida. For the past 15 years, Litewave Media has produced thousands of videos for a variety of industries and for companies all around the globe– a true one-stop resource for professional video crews, Tampa video production, and Tampa post production. Our Tampa video production studio also offers 11,500 sq ft of production space.

Our professional Tampa video company is a winner of ADDY Awards, Telly Awards, and independent film awards from national and international film festivals. Litewave Media has the proven experience and results to deliver top quality video production and advertising for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Tampa Video Production Studio

Litewave Media’s Tampa video production studio creates videos, films, commercials, and documentaries that strive to build an emotional connection with viewers. Our crew of video professionals produce content that stands out. Partnering with Litewave Media isn’t just a collaboration, it’s an adventure to build your brand. In 2021 our team filmed the music video for rock legends, AC/DC’s “Realize”, from their latest album. In 2022 the Litewave Media team was honored to be a part of the Oscar-winning documentary: Summer of Soul, directed by Questlove… And we’re just getting started!

Production Redefined

Our team is constantly innovating and educating to stay at the forefront of video production.

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Tampa Video Marketing for Your Business

Whether you are looking for a TV commercial, a corporate video production, feature film, music video, or a new promotional video for your company’s website, our experienced team specializes in Tampa video marketing and production. Litewave Media builds video ad campaigns, films, and corporate video productions through innovation, listening, and partnership.

Using our proven brand expertise, market research, and award-winning design and video production team, we launch businesses into international icons, and we turn films from words on the page to premieres at top festivals. If you’d like to learn more about how our Tampa video production company can boost sales for your company, please contact us today.

Top Video Production Companies in Tampa

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Video Studios

Our St. Petersburg, Florida video studios offer a wide
range of equipment & services in a 11,500 sq. ft. facility.

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Florida Video Studios

Our Florida video studios are located centrally in Tampa Bay right off of i-275 and within 10-15 minutes of both St. Petersburg and Tampa airports. We offer 3 completely separate sound stage studios: a seamless White Cyc and Green Screen Studio; a Set Studio with coffee shop, office sets, and more; a Tampa Virtual Production Studio with a 40 ft LED wall with camera tracking – and all the amenities you’d expect at a world-class facility.

Virtual Production in Tampa: Learn More

Virtual video production has made its way to Tampa Bay. Litewave Media is proud to offer the first LED wall for virtual production in Pinellas County. Our LED wall enables productions to create visuals all in-studio that can save time and money. The use of virtual sets in production was popularized by Star Wars TV shows like The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. We are proud to offer this cutting edge technology right here in Florida.

Makeup and green rooms are on-site, as well as four post production suites, producer’s lounge, and sound booths for any on-the-fly recording you may need while filming at the studio. Our Tampa video studios also offer a variety of lighting and Tampa video equipment rental packages for production as well.


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Arri Amira & Alexa

Our production company offers a variety of cinema
camera & lens packages as well as lighting & grip.

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Tampa Cameral Rental House

Our Florida production company also offers video equipment packages in all shapes and sizes to productions seeking camera, grip, lighting, or post production gear. From cinema lens rentals, to ARRI Alexa Mini rentals, or other video production equipment rentals, the Litewave Media team is well-equipped to outfit your production.

Our Tampa camera rental house is more than just a rental company, we are a production company first and understand the ins and outs of production and budgets. The Litewave Media team is available when you need and always strives to offer the best prices in the area. That way you can keep budgets down while maintaining top quality video standards. If you need assistance choosing a gear package, our Tampa video production studio is happy to help. Feel free to give us a call!


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