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Litewave Media has joined the future of filmmaking with the addition of a virtual LED video studio that brings together production and post-production. LED volume sound stages are revolutionizing film production by reducing the need for green screens, traditional sound stages, and on-location filming.

Our virtual production studio can generate a computer-based background in real time. Instead of adding backgrounds in post-production with green screen, the LED video wall simplifies the process and allows the talent to act with the background already in place. This also vastly improves the realism of lighting. Difficulties that have plagued green screen such as a green cast on the talent or the lighting not matching the background are things of the past.


The virtual video studio gives your production complete control. Working in our conveniently located, soundproof studio can simplify and enhance your production. Issues associated with on-location shooting (weather, noise, etc.), are minimized in our controlled Tampa LED studio environment.

LED Wall Studio Beach Tampa FL
LED Virtual Production Through Camera


What if you never had to chase after magic hour? Our LED sound stage can project a sunset background for however long you need. This technology was notably used on the Star Wars television show The Mandalorian, creating alien landscapes in the comfortable environment of a sound stage. But it can be utilized for many types of projects including corporate videos, TV commercials, and more.


Our virtual LED video studio also features a curved wall design and stands at 40 ft x 14 ft. Camlock power connectivity is on-site for your Tampa virtual production, and we offer a variety of lighting and equipment packages if needed.

Our studio also features a full-size loading dock, allowing sets and props of all sizes to be brought in – even cars and other vehicles! Litewave Media is excited to be one of the first virtual LED video studios to offer this cutting-edge technology in Florida.

Please contact [email protected] for more info on virtual production and our Tampa LED wall video studios. Or call us at (941)737-4233.


Litewave Media is excited to partner with Pixel Rain Digital as a Virtual Production partner. Our team has years of experience in the virtual space, which enables us to create hi-end Hollywood caliber visuals for our clients.


LED Wall Video Studio Tampa Florida

Litewave Media’s LED wall can simulates hard-to-find locations like this large machine shop background.

LED Studio Virtual Production Tampa

Our 40 ft x 14 ft LED volume sound stage in Tampa Bay, Florida


Our virtual LED video studio can use existing creative or create custom virtual production content using Unreal Engine. This software is designed for creating photo-realistic virtual worlds. Litewave Media’s LED video wall uses state-of-the-art NovaStar MX40 controllers/processors which process terabytes of data in real-time – and then transform our physical studio into any virtual worlds you can imagine. Litewave Media’s LED studio integrates the software, hardware, content creation engines, and the camera tracking together – all seamlessly. Check out some more images of the virtual LED wall in action below.

Using Unreal Engine with camera tracking technology allows subtle changes to the LED background as it moves to create a more realistic 3D effect than a traditional static backdrop. Our LED wall supports 8K Ultra HD content including: plate shots (think car scenes) or real on-location content, Unreal Engine-generated content, or abstract videos – as used in music videos, for example. These backgrounds are fully customizable and scalable. Our virtual production team can manipulate individual elements to perfect your shot. Imagine adjusting the color of a sunset, or resizing mountains to fit into your scene, exactly how you visualized it… In real time!

Video Studio Floor plans for Website


If you need additional details or have any questions about virtual production in our Tampa video studio, please feel free to call or email us. If you’d like more information on our white cyc, green screen, or any of our custom-designed sets, click here.

We recently shot a car scene on our LED video wall using plate shots filmed in Tampa Bay, FL. Check out the video below to see some St. Petersburg, FL virtual production in action!

LED Wall Car Scene

LED Studio Technology for Virtual Production

  • NovaStar MX40 Pro Display Controller
  • True 12-bit Color workflow
  • HDR and High Frame Rate capable (up to 60 fps)
  • Up to 8.8 million pixels in real time
  • 2.6 pixel pitch LED panels
  • 1500 nit panels with high refresh rates
  • Quadro A6000 graphics card
  • Cinema System design for in camera visual effects and realtime plate shots
  • Fully gen-locked system allows for precision frame by frame recording, even at high fps
  • Innovative and production friendly approach to real-time Unreal environmental LED shoots
  • “Camera to Wall” color calibration and workflows
  • VIVE camera tracking systems
  • Aximmetry Broadcast Enabled Studio
  • Fully custom Unreal Engine environments and design team available
  • Realtime Motion Capture with Rokoko MoCap Suits and Unreal Engine
  • 6 Camera Move.AI Motion Capture System
  • Virtual Production experts with over 10 years combined experience
LED Volume Sound Stage Tampa FL

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