Our Studio

Litewave Media’s 11,500 sq ft facility has plenty of space for your production to expand.

WHITE CYC VIDEO STUDIO, TAMPA | Lighting & Grip Packages Available

Our Tampa video production company has 3 full-service video studios all under one roof. Studio A is our 60×60 ft LED Wall Virtual Studio, Studio B is a 46×46 ft hard corner green screen and white cyc, and Studio C is a 48×32 ft studio with custom sets. Some of our sets include an office set, a coffee shop set, an airplane, a pirate ship, a restaurant set, an 80’s style office, a workout room, and more.

STUDIO POWER | Cam-Lok & Wireless DMX 

All of our studios feature fully powered lighting grids, wireless DMX control, and Cam-Lok power. Litewave Media’s lighting package includes fully dimmable RGB lights like Aputure P600c, Aputure P300c RGB panel lights, ARRI Skypanels, Quasar Tube light kits, and KinoFlo lighting. Any of our spaces including the green screen and white cyc studio also offer full grip package options in our video production studio. Check out our Tampa grip trucks for on-location shooting.

Please CLICK HERE to BOOK our studios today, or contact [email protected] for more info on our Tampa video studios. 

Tampa Video Production Studio

Our 46×46 ft white cyc studio.

Video Studio Tampa

Our white cyc studio with partial 40 ft green screen.


Litewave Media also features a green screen video studio in our Tampa, Florida production facility with easy access to a make-up room, meeting space, a loading dock, and can even accommodate full size vehicles. We offer plenty of parking on-site and have camera packages and crew available for any size video production.

Please call us at (941)-737-4233 for more info on our St. Petersburg video studio.

Green Screen Video Studio Tampa


Whether your project is looking for a full Green Screen Cyc or a White Cyc, our video production studio in Tampa is outfitted for a variety of film productions. Litewave Media’s studio space has been used by Netflix, The Discovery Channel, TLC, ABC, NBC, and many more to film original series. What are you looking to film? How can our team help?


Green Screen Studio Tampa

Video Studio Floor plans for Website


If you need additional details or have any questions about our Tampa video studio’s floor plan, please feel free to call or email us. Our studio features a white cyc, green screen, editing suites, make-up room, a voice-over booth, free wi-fi, loading dock, and other amenities all on-site. Our loading dock bay door is 12′ wide by 14′ high.


Litewave Media is proud to offer a 40’ x 14’ LED Video Wall for virtual production in our 11,500 sq ft studio. Simplifying production and eliminating many of the issues with Green Screen studios, virtual production can create realistic backgrounds in real-time. This allows actors to interact with their environment while filming and creates more realistic lighting on-set. Learn more about our Tampa LED Video Studio.

Lobby Tampa Video Studio

Our video studio’s lobby area.

Makeup Studio Tampa

Litewave Media’s makeup and wardrobe room.

VIP Room Green Room

Our green room for talent and client – comfort and convenience!


Our Tampa video studio can also create a custom-designed set for your video production projects. Built within our 48’ x 32’ set studio space with lighting grid, our custom-built sets offer high-end visuals with the benefits of a controlled studio environment.

Below are a few of the sets our team has custom-designed, including a biker bar and a corporate office setting. Let us know if you have any Tampa set design needs for your production!

Custom Designed Sets Tampa

One of our custom-built sets: a biker bar.

Private Jet Movie Set for Film

Our Private Jet Set: perfect for your executive or high roller film scenes

Custom Sets Tampa FL

Our office set, perfect for corporate videos, interviews, and more.

Video Studio Rental Tampa FL
Coffee Shop Set Tampa Video Studio

Restaurant/coffee shop set in our Tampa video studio.

Tampa Film Studio Warehouse Set
Warehouse Set Tampa Video studio

The Warehouse set in Litewave Media’s Tampa film studio.

70s 80s Office Set Tampa Film Studio
70's or 80's office set Tampa Video Studio

Our 70’s or 80’s Office Set – Also doubles as an 80’s style breakroom.

Server Room Set Tampa Video Studio

Our Server Room set in Litewave Media’s Studio C

Studio A Film Studio Tampa FL

A custom “abandoned” warehouse set inside our Studio A.

Studio C Tampa Video Studio

A custom-built tunnel set with wet floor – built inside our studio for a music video.