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Cooke S4 Lens Rental Florida

Cooke S4 Lens Rental Florida

Filming With the Cooke S4 Lenses

Our Cooke S4 Lens Rentals in Tampa, FL are a great option for filmmaking and commercial productions. These iconic lenses have been used to shoot films like Harry Potter, Hugo, Casino Royale, District 9, A Beautiful Mind, John Wick, No Country for Old Men, 12 Years a Slave, Pride and Prejudice, O Brother, Where Art Thou, and TV Series like Breaking Bad and Penny Dreadful. They’ve become a part of cinematic history, and we’re proud to offer one of the few sets of Cooke S4 Lens Rentals in Florida.

Cooke S4 Lenses: Focal Lengths Available

  • 14mm T2

  • 21mm T2

  • 32mm T2

  • 50mm T2

  • 75mm T2

  • 100mm T2

Cooke Cinema Lenses Rental Tampa

Why Choose Cooke S4 Lenses?

Cooke S4 prime lenses have a T/2 aperture across the entire range of lenses in the set. They also have a common 110mm front. With PL mounts, the Cookes work great on both film and digital cameras including our ARRI Alexa Mini, the Canon C500 mkII and C300 mkIII, and most RED cameras. The Cooke S4 cinema lenses are fairly small compared to other high-end fast cinema lenses. This makes them well-suited for handheld and Steadicam work. An interesting note: Cooke S4 lenses 75mm and above also cover full frame sensors!

The Cooke S4 lenses pair well with the Angénieux Optimo DP 30-80mm cinema zoom lens which Litewave Media also has in our inventory. Angenieux Zoom lenses and Cooke prime lenses are used on many Hollywood films together. If you’re interested in renting the full set of Cooke S4 lens rental Florida, we’re happy to customize a package for your next film production!

Cooke S4 Cinema Lens on Alexa Mini

Cooke S4 Prime Lens Rental in Tampa, FL

Our Tampa camera rental house has a variety of cinema lenses available ranging from budget options to high end cinema quality lenses depending on your needs. Cooke S4 lenses have the classic Cooke Look including beautifully rendered skin tones and a slightly warm feel. They are ruggedly constructed and many cinematographers have come to rely on these workhorses of the industry. The Cooke cinema lenses make a great addition to film or commercial productions as very high quality cinema prime lenses.

The Award-Winning Cooke S4 lenses have been around for decades and were designed in collaboration with top cinematographers in the film industry. They are also color matched so you can use them alongside all other modern Cooke lenses like S5’s and S7’s. If you’re looking to add a cinematic feel to your project, consider our Cooke S4 Lens Rental in Tampa, FL for your cinema lens needs. 

Cooke S4 Prime Lenses: Technical Specs

    • Focal Lengths: 14mm, 21mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm

    • Aperture: T2 (All S4 Primes have true T2 aperture, except 300mm T2.8)

    • Mount: PL

    • Weight (approx.):  3.3 lbs –  4.8 lbs

    • Image coverage: 30mm diameter (Super 35 format)

    • All S4 prime lenses are color balanced, color-matched & compatible w/ Cooke 5/i, miniS4 & Anamorphic.

    • MOD: 14mm, 21mm (9 in), 32mm (12 in), 50mm (20 in), 75mm (30 in), 100mm (36 in)

    • Front Diameter: 110mm

    • Minimum Focusing Distance: 1.8″

Cooke S4 Lens Rentals Tampa

Cooke S4 Cinema Lens Rentals Florida

Litewave Media offers a pristine set of Cooke S4 lenses, including the 14mm, 21mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm. If you’re interested in the set of Cooke lens rentals or any other cinema lens rentals in Tampa, Florida, let us know. To view our other cinema prime lens rentals like the Fujinon Cabrio 20-120mm Zoom Lens, or the Atlas Orion Anamorphic lenses, or the Canon CN-E lenses << Click Here. And to see our full Tampa camera rentals list << Click Here. Feel free to email or call us anytime for questions on cinema lenses for rental or to reserve other film equipment for your production. Thanks for checking out our Cooke S4 Lens Rental Florida! To read more about the Cooke S4 lenses visit the Cooke lens website.