The Litewave Media team recently had the chance to work with the Bic/Koozie brand. We helped them to create a national branding video commercial for their new line of Koozie products. Our production company produced and filmed this Tampa commercial video over the course of two days. The first day took place at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs, Florida to provide a camping and barbecue setting. The second day the video crew filmed at a luxurious house in Tampa for a pool hangout scene with waterfall and grotto on site!


Director Christian Cashmir films on the ARRI Alexa Mini setup on the Dana Dolly

Tampa Commercial Video for Koozie Filmed on ARRI Alexa Mini

Since we love the techy film details, here’s the scoop…this Tampa commercial video was shot on the ARRI Alexa Mini camera at 48fps (slow motion) using Canon CN-E Cinema Primes lenses. It was primarily filmed on a Dana Dolly and the Freefly Movi Pro gimbal to give the shots movement and a cinematic look to the footage.


Sean Keller was one of the DPs for the Koozie commercial

Koozie is known for their beverages sleeves that keep drinks cold (or hot). They reached out to Litewave Media to make a new commercial video to showcase their new products. Their new line of outdoor products launches in 2019 and will include coolers, backpacks, and camping gear. The commercial was filmed completely in Tarpon Springs, FL and Tampa, Florida.


Director Christian Cashmir from Litewave Media with the Koozie creative team

Christian Cashmir directed and produced the spot, while Sean Keller and Scott Sullivan worked as the cinematographers. Lucas Schatzberg edited. We also had many other members of our Litewave Media team on board including Maggie Hudak on production design, Nikki Stefansic on Makeup, and Andrew Ortoski as gaffer. The Litewave Media lighting and grip truck was working on this shoot as well.


The Litewave Media video crew watches on a SmallHD 702 Monitor as the footage is filmed

The video incorporates slow motion footage with shots of friends camping and hanging out at the pool to create a nostalgic outdoorsy feel for Koozie’s new products.


Scott Sullivan, DP for the second day of filming, captures the scene on the Movi Pro Gimbal.

“This fantastic cast and crew who helped behind the scenes really brought this video to life. Definitely one of the most fun shoots we’ve done in the last year!” Cashmir said about the shoot.


Our Tampa production crew and cast at the wrap of filming

Check out the extended cut of Koozie’s commercial below, produced right here in St. Petersburg, FL.

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