Tampa Video Production Company Films Victor Hedman of The Lightning

Recently Litewave Media took to the ice at Amelie Arena, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning, for a Volvo TV commercial shoot with Victor Hedman, one of the top defenders in the NHL. The spot was produced along with Moore and Scarry Advertising for Crown Automotive Group and will be airing soon! Our Tampa video production company was thrilled to be back on the ice as we filmed with the Lightning last year for a production as well.

Litewave Media film NHL Victor Hedman

Director/DP Christian Cashmir & 2nd Cam Tony Ahedo plan out some action shots of Victor with the Sony A7s Mk2 & DJI OSMO.

Crown Automotive brought in seven cars and SUVs and set them up on the ice rink as a back drop for the shoot. The Litewave Media Tampa video production crew began work lighting the cars, with only a short window between the Lightning’s practices to set up. Our production crew brought out 5 cameras to film with including our Canon C300, Canon C100, two Sony A7s mk2’s, a DJI OSMO, and a myriad of Canon L series lenses – all from our Tampa video camera rentals package.

Litewave Media recording Victor Hedman

The Litewave Media Tampa video crew at work filming Victor Hedman of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The crew filmed some lines with Victor and the teleprompter, but the shoot really charged up when Victor got on his skates, and the camera team chased him on the ice.

Tampa video production goes over script

Director Christian Cashmir and 2nd Cam Operator Tony Ahedo go over lines on the prompter with Victor Hedman.

We used the Sony A7s mk2 mounted on our MoVi M5 gimbal stabilizer as well as the DJI Osmo to capture smooth creative action shots and POV shots of the hockey puck. Some 120 frame slow motion footage accented the skates tearing up the ice.

Tampa video production chases Victor Hedman

Director/DP Christian Cashmir gives chase to Victor Hedman with the MoVi M5 gimbal camera stabilizer.

Litewave studios filming Victor Hedman on the ice

Victor Hedman stylishly skids on the ice as the Litewave Media team captures it in slow motion

One of the highlights for our gaffer, was incorporating our newest light, the ARRI Skypanel S60 from our Tampa grip truck rental on the shoot. The Skypanel packs quite a punch and acted as the main key light to illuminate the shots of Victor with the Volvos.

The Skypanel lighting the way for Litewave Media

Our ARRI Skypanel lights up the shot as Christian Cashmir directs with producer Andrew Hebert & Devon Mackinnon runs sound.

The shoot literally went out with a bang as the hockey stadium fired up their Tesla coils and shot electricity charges for our cameras to capture. This electro static footage will be used for a dramatic insert shot in the commercial. The Tesla coils typically only fire up at a hockey game when the Lightning scores, but we were able to turn all the lights off in the entire stadium so that the coils were the only thing lighting the arena – it made for quite a unique effect!

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[All behind the scenes photos captured by Joe Malo]
Tampa Video Production Company Films Senate Hopeful Carlos Beruff

Tampa Video Production Company Films Senate Hopeful Carlos Beruff

Just a few weeks ago our Tampa Video Production Company, Litewave Media, filmed Carlos Beruff as he announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Litewave Media director of photography Christian Cashmir and our Florida video production crew drove down to Sarasota, Florida to film the senate hopeful announce his candidacy. The beautiful lake backdrop behind Beruff’s business was the perfect place to film his announcement ceremony. With the large crowd of Beruff’s friends, family, and business associates eagerly anticipating his arrival, our video team was ready to capture this historic moment as he vowed to “Put America First”.


Litewave Media’s Tampa camera crew captures Senate hopeful Carlos Beruff during an interview with press

We drove down to Sarasota, FL with our Tampa Grip Truck to catch Mr. Beruff on his final stop in Florida during his tour of the state. Litewave Media was the first to arrive on the scene to prepare for the press conference. Our Tampa video production company showed up early to set up amongst the bustling crowd of reporters to secure prime filming locations.


Our Canon C300 Ready to Capture Mr. Beruff’s Speech.

Our Tampa video equipment included our Canon C300 HD camera, Sachtler DV10SB tripod, as well as a lavalier mic for Mr. Beruff himself. We filmed the entire announcement ceremony and the small get-together afterwards for Beruff’s closest family and friends.


Our Tampa video production crew was all set up and ready to capture cinematic footage of Carlos Beruff announcing his candidacy for the Senate.

With director of photography Christian Cashmir behind the Canon C300, our Florida production company filmed the entire press conference and banquet with cinematic flair. Using our broadcast quality cameras and microphones from our Tampa video equipment rental packages, we captured Mr. Beruff as he fielded questions from the press, handled a meet and greet, and delivered an impressive speech for the large crowd.


Our Tampa video production company captures Senate hopeful Carlos Beruff announce his Candidacy.

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Tampa Film Studio Shoots Video of Champion Wakeboarder Shota Tezuka

Tampa Film Studio Shoots Video of Champion Wakeboarder Shota Tezuka

Our Tampa video production company recently traveled to Orlando, Florida to shoot a series of TV commercials with world champion wakeboarder, Shota Tezuka.

Wakeboarding, slotted to be a trial sport in the 2016 Olympics, involves riding a fiberglass board over water while being towed by a boat. The sport uses a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques. Shota, 19, held the Junior Pro Men’s title before accepting a position on the coveted MasterCraft team this year.

“We were hired by Espritline, a company that teaches Japanese people to speak English,” explains Litewave Media founder Christian Schwier. “For the last two years, we’ve filmed the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg with them and champion Japanese race car driver Takuma Sato. When they came to Florida to film Shota this summer, we were excited to be able to partner with them again for another video production.”

Christian and Makiura “Macky” Takaharu get ready to film.

The shoot took place at Shota’s house, which sits on a private lake outside Orlando. The property also serves as his training course, with two boats on the lake and a team of wakeboarders in residence. Both the TV commercials and videos are designed to show how Shota has used English to become a successful athlete. “The videos show how he uses the English language in his daily life as well as when he competes,” says Schwier.

Schwier was the only Tampa film crew member. The team included three other video production members from Japan, including Litewave Media friend Makiura Takaharu, affectionately known as Macky. The shoot required a wide range of equipment, including the Canon EOS 5D, Canon EOS 7D, the GoPro HD Hero2 for stunt shots on the wakeboard, and a Sony EX3 for video interview footage.

Christian with the crew the day of the shoot.

“We filmed a variety of different scenarios,” says Schwier, a Tampa video production professional for seven years. “One of the most interesting shots was filming Shota from one boat while he was wakeboarding off the back of another boat.” The video crew got some great footage of flips and other tricks. Splashing water was a challenge at times, but everyone was pleased with the footage, which went back to Japan to be edited.

“Shota was great to work with and made the filming easy. We were able to capture some amazing shots of him,” says Schwier, who really enjoys working with his Japanese friends. “We’re excited to include this in our Tampa video production company’s demo reel and hope to see them again soon the next time they come to Florida!”

Christian and Takaki Katano put safety first before filming on the lake.

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Litewave Media & Sanity Films Place in Top 10 of 170 films in National Film Challenge

We recently worked with Sanity Films and participated in the National Film Challenge. The short film production was written, shot, edited, and put on a DVD in 72 hours. We place in the top 10 out of 170 films around the world. The film was directed by John Jones, one of the producers of Litewave Media‘s feature film Jules Dongu Saves the World. It was also produced by Jeff Zampino, and Anesti Vega.  Shot on the Panasonic HVX-200 HD video production camera. Take a look at this Tampa video production:

Nothin’ But Treble wins 5 awards at 2009 48 Hour Film Contest in Tampa

Nothin’ But Treble wins 5 awards at 2009 48 Hour Film Contest in Tampa

Thanks to our amazing team who helped make our film possible! We pulled “musical” as our genre for the contest this year. We had so many talented cast & crew that made it possible! Our awards included: best choreography, best director, best musical score, best use of dialogue, and the coveted audience choice award! We also were nominated for best film of 2009 in Tampa. Go team! Check out the film on our Independent Film page.


The Treble Makers: Ann P., Somali Rose, Gia Sierra