Our Tampa Video Production Company Films Corporate Video for Health-e-Systems

Our Tampa Video Production Company Films Corporate Video for Health-e-Systems

Litewave Media was honored to film again with our long time clients and friends at Health-e-Systems. Our Tampa video production company has filmed several projects for Health-e-Systems over the last few years and their latest project was a blast to produce. We filmed the risk scenario corporate video in two days and in 5 different locations all around Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. The video just premiered last week at a medical convention in Las Vegas.

Our tampa video production company films at a construction site

Josh and George get ready to film. Mike readies the audio.

Our film crew arrived early to the first location with our Tampa grip truck. We set up the lighting and filmed a variety of scenes, including a wrestling scene and a hunting scene. One of the most challenging scenes was a bar fight sequence.

Litewave Media films wrestling scene

Christian films the wrestling scene

We hired 4 time American Ninja Warrior contestant, Christopher “Shinobi” Poli, to choreograph the bar scene. In order to create a realistic fight, our Tampa production company brought breakaway beer bottles. It took a few takes to get the timing right, but with Christopher’s choreography and the actors’ dedication, the scene went smoothly.

Our tampa video production company films bar scene

Actor George Vricos rehearses the bottle smash sequence

After the two days of shooting, the Litewave Media team went back to the studio to record the additional dialogue from the script in our Tampa Recording Studio.

Our tampa production company uses our Tampa recording studio

Lead actor, George Vricos, recording audio in our Tampa sound booth

Our Tampa photography studio was also used to create a doctor’s office scene. Director/ Director of Photography Christian Cashmir says, “this project was unique as our team incorporated video, photography and voice-over to create the finished project.”

Our tampa production company takes picture at our studio

Litewave Media founder Christian Cashmir capturing photos for the project at our Tampa video production studio

Health-e-Systems marketing director, Jill Knight, along with our Tampa post production company  spent a number of long days editing the video. Sound design, color correction and editing were all finished at Litewave Media’s HD/4K editing suite.

Our Tampa post-production team editing risk scenario video for Health-e-Systems

Our Tampa post-production team edits the Health-e-Systems corporate video

Check out the Health-e-Systems Risk Construction video below!

Litewave Media enjoyed bringing Health-e-Systems vision to life on the big screen. With 2 Bon Jovi songs, a choreographed bar fight, and a hand full of stunts, what more could you ask for!?

Our litewave media team gets ready to start shooting

Litewave Media crew member Jordan Conoly slates the first scene

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Litewave Media Films for Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues

Litewave Media Films for Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues

Our Tampa video production company had the opportunity to work with some amazing musicians this year. We filmed multi-Grammy award-winning jazz pianist Chick Corea last April for a live multi-cast and this month we had the incredible opportunity to film Justin Hayward lead singer of legendary classic rock band The Moody Blues for a PBS special. The special will be televised in the next few months. The project was directed by LA based documentary filmmaker and musician David Minasian, who came to Litewave Media for his Tampa video crew and Production Coordinating.

Litewave Media Films a Live Performance of Moody Blues for PBS

Litewave Media films a live performance of Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues

He hired Litewave Media’s founder Christian Cashmir to coordinate the shoot and film, and also rented 5 of our Panasonic P2 camera packages, lighting and grip truck, and audio equipment. Our Tampa film crew and our Tampa grip truck arrived early in the morning to the location and began setting up for the event.

Our Tampa Video Production Company Setting Up the location to film the Live Performance

Kenny and Christian from our Tampa Video Crew setting up for the live performance

We also brought our camera jib to get unique angles of the concert performance. Christian Cashmir was jib and camera operator, Kenny Strawn was also a camera operator and Harold “Pinky” Hood was Grip for the production.

Our tampa production crew using the jib to film the performance

Camera Operator/Production Coordinator Christian Cashmir filming the live performance

The performance took place at the Historic Capitol Theater in Clearwater. Tickets for the show were sold out and the venue was completely packed. People from all over Florida came to Clearwater to watch the music legend play all their greatest hits including Nights in White Satin, Tuesday Afternoon, Your Wildest Dreams and more. 

The audience stands up for the live performance

The audience gives a standing ovation for Justin’s performance as Christian captures the action on the jib

After the amazing performance by the band, our Litewave Media team had the unique opportunity to meet the lead singer of The Moody Blues, Justin Hayward, for a private interview. Justin talked about the history of the band, how they wrote their songs, and his solo career.

Litewave Media films an interview with Justin Hayware

Behind-the-scenes of Justin Hayward’s Interview

Litewave Media founder Christian Cashmir says, “I remember listening to Moody Blues records as a kid on my Dad’s record player. It was quite an honor to meet Justin Hayward and film this concert.” Justin is currently on tour around the country, and we hope to have the opportunity to see him again live soon!

Litewave media team takes picture with Justing Hayward

David (director), Christian (Camera/Production Coordinator) with Moody Blues lead singer, Justin Hayward and crew.

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Singer Sara Alina Partners With Tampa Music Video Production Company, Litewave Media

Singer Sara Alina Partners With Tampa Music Video Production Company, Litewave Media

With her debut in 2014 approaching, singer/songwriter Sara Alina was seeking a Tampa film production studio to produce a series of music videos to coincide with her album release. After meeting with the Litewave Media team and touring the studio, Sara Alina’s management company formed a partnership, and collaboration began.

Sara Alina at Tampa's Litewave Studios

Sara Alina and director Christian Schwier collaborating in the studio

Litewave Media’s Tampa video company produced and filmed 5 music videos and an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) over the course of 2 months. “It was fun working with Sara and brainstorming concepts for each video, but it was also challenging because we had to maintain a consistent style and brand across all five videos. It was a big undertaking, but it was a very exciting opportunity for us,” adds Litewave Media founder Christian Schwier. One video will be released every 2 months right up until her CD release in Spring 2014.

The first two videos were filmed in Tampa Bay, Florida with three video cameras: a Canon C100, for the primary camera, a Canon 5D Mark III for additional angles, and a Sony FS100 for slow motion scenes. The Litewave Media camera crew included: director and DP Christian Schwier, camera operator John Jones and camera assistant Taylor Girard. Also on the music video team were set designer Jeff Zampino, chief lighting technician Andrew Ortoski, production assistant Harold “Pinky” Hood, choreographer Taylor Korin and make-up artist Anya Yushchenko. Editing, color grading and post production took place at our Tampa post production company with Schwier editing as well.

Sara Alina Music Video Set

Christian Schwier, John Jones, and Taylor Girard ready their cameras in the studio

The first video release was Sara Alina’s EPK. An EPK is an introduction to who an artist is as a person and what they do. The Litewave Media team filmed this video at various locations around St. Petersburg, FL to give it an organic feel as well as some shots at our very own Litewave Studios. Throughout the day the video crew followed Sara around town documenting and interviewing her about her inspirations and goals as an up-and-coming songwriter. “Shooting this EPK was a learning experience. It was a great way for our team to learn more about Sara as an artist as well as for her to introduce herself to the world.” With a professional Tampa production company along with great talent and a fun positive atmosphere mixed in, it’s hard not to produce something we can all be proud of.

Here’s the EPK!

After her EPK release earlier this month, Sara debuted her first music video this week on YouTube. It’s titled “No Love” and was filmed entirely in our Tampa video studio. The video takes a modern spin on all of the stereotypes of “love”. A professional break dancer (Mario Boskovic) was brought in to be the symbolic representation of “love”, and throughout the video he gets beaten down and crushed which is displayed in his break dancing. Choreography was implemented by Taylor Korin. “For one of the more interesting shots in the music video, our crew rigged a basket of rose petals and a Canon 5D Mark III sixteen feet above the break dancer,” begins Schwier. “As he danced, we filmed the rose pedals falling in slow motion from the ceiling above. It turned out really neat.”

Mario Boskovic Tampa Break Dancer

Break Dancer Mario Boskovic Takes a “Love” Beat Down

Seeing Sara tear a few heads off of teddy bears and smashing a vase of roses all while delivering a sassy smile surely made this music video unique, and we really enjoyed making it.

Here’s “No Love”!

UPDATE 11.5.13
Sara’s 2nd music video “Fly” just went live this week. Be sure to check it out. It was filmed entirely in St. Petersburg, FL in downtown St. Pete, Fort Desoto Beach, and at Litewave Studios.


Make sure to keep a look out later in the year for the other music videos that we produced for Sara Alina!

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Blog and photos by: Chris Cavalier

Litewave Media’s Tampa Video Production Crew Shoots PGA Golf Pros

Litewave Media’s Tampa Video Production Crew Shoots PGA Golf Pros

Litewave Media recently stepped onto the green as the Tampa corporate video producer for a project with Golf Magazine and Nike. We traveled to The Players Club at Sawgrass in Ponte Verde Beach, Fla. for The Players Championship – a legendary stop on the PGA Tour.

The Players Club at Sawgrass made an incredible set!

For this A-list assignment, director of photography Christian Schwier and camera assistant Jamie Parslow filmed live interviews and video segments with golf pros Russell Henley, Charl Schwartzel, and Charles Howell III who dished on their Nike gear and life on the tour.

DP Christian Schwier flashes his badge

Jamie Parslow served as camera assistant

The top-caliber athletes awed our St. Petersburg film crew. “It’s inspiring to meet people who are super-successful and at the top of their game,” said Schwier. “You can learn a lot from their work ethic and apply it to your own life whether that’s on the golf course or in the production studio.” Our Tampa video crew also enjoyed working with Golf Magazine’s video producer John Ledesma on yet another project. “We’ve worked with John for a number of years now. He led the team on the course and is always a pleasure to work with,” Schwier said.

Shooting practice tees with Charles Howell III

Christian films Russell Henley

Our Tampa video company is proud to be a go-to producer for top sporting events. Previously we worked with Golf Magazine at the Derek Jeter Golf Classic, and we’ve also filmed the New York Yankees’ spring training as well as the 2009 Super Bowl for the Associated Press. “With sports, you have to capture those special moments as they are happening – you can’t be afraid to move right into the action to get that perfect angle or shot,” said Schwier. “It’s what makes shooting sports so exciting.”

Christian and Golf Magazine’s John Ledesma at work on the fairway

The famous 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass

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Tampa Film Studio Shoots Next Short Film: The Skyship Chronicles

Tampa Film Studio Shoots Next Short Film: The Skyship Chronicles

As the full moon rose on October 29th, our Tampa video production company shot the first scene from our next short film, The Skyship Chronicles, a Steampunk action-adventure. “This film is a complete story in its own right,” shares Director and Litewave Media founder, Christian Schwier. “We also hope to gain enough interest in the idea to produce a full-length feature film of the concept.”

Don Knight (left) operates boom as actors Jeff and Mick traverse through a dense fog.

Pre-production began in early October when our Tampa video crew traveled to Tommie Turvey’s Equine Extremist Liberty Horse Ranch in Brooksville, Florida. Tommie and his stunt horse, Blade, have worked on numerous films and TV shows, including The Walking Dead, Jonah Hex, and 3:10 to Yuma.

Jeffrey Gross (left) and Devin Keebler (right) set up the RED camera.

Jeff Zampino (writer/producer) with actor Jeff Shepperd at the horse ranch.

While at the ranch, our Tampa filmmakers scouted locations, filmed test shots with the actors in full Steampunk costumes, and rehearsed the riding stunts with Tommie and Blade. After making some minor modifications to the shooting script, nearly two dozen cast and crew took their places to shoot the first scene.

Actors Jeffrey Shepperd and Mick Ellis played the two guards being hunted by the film’s villain Gustav (Ed Olson). Tommie rode Blade and performed several challenging stunts including the horse rearing up and chasing the actors. “We even shot some of the chase scenes from the back of an ATV Mule!” says the Tampa film director.

Jeffery Shepperd (left) and Mick Ellis (right) let their guard down.

Co-Directors of Photography, Steve Allen and Ryan Grosjean, were behind the RED Scarlet Camera (filming in 4k) and the Canon 5D Mark III (Camera B). The camera crew (see complete list below) used a jib and dolly for action shots.

Steve Allen (co-DP) operating the jib and RED camera (shooting in 4K)

Our costume designer, Bridget, with stunt double and expert horseman, Tommie Turvey.

The intense chases required the actors to move swiftly over rough terrain while dodging trees and low hanging branches. “We were on a horse ranch in the middle of the woods, so there was no light aside from the moon and the lights we brought,” explains Schwier.  “Since there was no power, we had to bring our own generator. It was quite a task hauling a multi-thousand watt generator out into the woods!”

Ryan GrosJean (Co-DP) and Andrew Ortoski (Gaffer) discuss lighting.

Thankfully Andrew Ortoski, our gaffer and movie lighting master, provided the film crew with a condor, or lighting lift, that projected moon-like rays from almost 100 feet in the air.  “We’re so happy with how the chase scenes turned out,” says Schwier. “We’re looking forward to the post production process and editing the scene in our Tampa post production studio.

Ryan Grosjean (co-DP), Jeffrey Gross (AC) and Devin Keebler (AC) make some camera adjustments.

To add texture and dimension to the scenes, the crew brought in an industrial-grade fog machine. “Getting the right amount of fog in each scene for continuity was definitely the biggest hurdle of the night,” says Schwier. “In some shots the wind would blow all the fog away, and in others there would be too much and we had to disperse it.”  But by the end of the night, Jeff Zampino, our Producer/Writer, was a master at wielding the fog machine.

Mike Barnitt, our sound mixer, and some of the film crew.

Later in the night the temperature dropped into the low 40’s but our cast and crew soldiered on, and the last shot was taken as the sun began to rise. “We were all tired,” says Schwier, “but our sense of accomplishment kept our spirits up through the night. We were all definitely glad to be home in warm beds later that morning though!”

Ryan Grosjean (co-DP), Christian Schwier (director), and Steve Allen (co-DP) pause for a photo.

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The Skyship Chronicles CREW


Seth Jones – Grip
Jeffrey Gross – Assistant Camera
David Bergvik – Production Assistant
Evan Zissimopulous – Camera Department
Ryan Grosjean – Co-Director of Photography
Steve Allen – Co-Director of Photography
Andrew Ortoski – Gaffer
Harold Hood – Production Assistant
David Lasky – Grip
Taylor Girard – Grip
Jeff Zampino – Producer
Bridget Desjarlais – Costumes
Rachel Lappe – Production Assistant and Craft Service
TJ Maynes – Set Photographer
Christian Schwier – Director
Devin Keebler – Assistant Camera
Tommie Turvey – Location Services
Don Knight – Boom Operation
Mike Barnitt – Sound Engineer

The Skyship Chronicles CAST


Jeffrey Shepperd – Guard 1
Mick Ellis – Guard 2
Ed Olson – Gustav
Tommie Turvey – Stunt Horse Rider
Blade – “Gustav’s Horse” & Stunt Horse