Our Tampa video production company now has an equipment arsenal that includes the RED Scarlet, one of the first 5k ultra high-resolution cameras on the market. “We’re gearing up to shoot a new independent feature film and the extra resolution and RAW files will enable us to bring our special FX and color grading to a new level,” says founder Christian Schwier.

Litewave Media’s RED Scarlet Camera in Tampa, FL

Hollywood films like The Amazing Spiderman, Prometheus and The Hobbit were all shot using the new RED 5k camera technology, counting Peter Jackson and Steven Soderberg among its fans.

For years, film makers have been discussing what would replace film. Some felt it was HD, but now RED has created a camera with enough resolution to replicate the quality of 35mm. And in fact, this camera has a higher dynamic range – besting that of film. It’s an exciting time for film makers.

Taylor, camera operator and Steve, DP prep the RED Scarlet camera for a shot

The Tampa video production company‘s expansion also includes video post production hardware and software. Litewave Media has upgraded three of its video editing suites to include the new Adobe CS6 Production Bundle with CUDA certified graphics cards.  “We’ll be using Premiere Pro and After Effects for video editing and post workflow with the RED 5k files,” he explains. “The new software acceleration enables us to edit in real-time just like regular HD files.”

Schwier is quick to point out that the ability to do higher end film production is a great upgrade for the Tampa video company, but it won’t replace the extensive video equipment currently being used. “Our clients and our Tampa film crew are excited about having choices,” he says.

Director Christian Schwier with the RED Scarlet video production team in Tampa

Clients of the Tampa video production studio can look forward to the same high-caliber quality they’re used to while also having options like the RED Scarlet for higher end productions.

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