Tampa Video Production

On the set of the Binatrix video production

October was a busy month for Litewave Media with our Tampa video production team working on not one but two international HD TV commercial productions. Both commercials were filmed using a combination of Litewave Media’s Panasonic HVX-200 and Canon 5D Mark II.

In this video, the creative minds at Litewave Media recreated the “Red Pill Blue Pill” scene from The Matrix for this commercial. Julie Seward, from Litewave Media’s Wine Picks commercials plays Trinity opposite Christian Schwier as Neo and Richard Allen Lee as Morpheus. This video production won 2nd place in an international TV commercial production competition beating out over 70 other TV spots.

“Mint-ily Ever After”
In this video commercial, Litewave Media recreates the “Battle of Wits” scene from The Princess Bride. This commercial was filmed by Andrew Ortoski on Litewave Media’s Panasonic HVX-200.


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