Out Tampa video studio was hired this month to produce Shrink Your Dress, a series of exercise videos featuring Dr. Delrae Messer, a fitness and nutrition expert who has helped thousands. Geared toward women, the high-intensity exercise series is comprised of 16 total workouts, each 15 to 20 minutes long.

Dr. Delrae Messer and two of her fitness models get ready to work out.After a full day of prepping the gymnasium at a St. Petersburg school, our Tampa film crew shot Dr. Delrae and her seven workout models using three different cameras. The primary camera, an HPX-170, filmed from a slider dolly operated by Litewave Media crew member Jeff Zampino. In addition, two Panasonic HVX-200 cameras filmed in HD, one on a Steadicam operated by Jesse McLane and the other handheld by Taylor Girard. Litewave Media principle, Christian Schwier, directed and will also be the editor on the project.

Dr. Delrae takes a minute to chat with the Litewave Media crew.

The rest of the crew included Mike Barnitt on sound, Kris Wagner on lighting, Anya Yuschenko doing make-up, and production assistants Rachel Lappe and Harold “Pinky” Hood. Litewave Media partner, St. Petersburg photography studio Saint Pete Photo, was also on hand to shoot stills for the marketing aspect of the launch.

Director Christian Schwier makes sure everything’s perfect on the set.

The 16 workouts were designed by Dr. Delrae specifically to help women look and feel better. Messer, who has been featured on ShopNBC with Suzanne Somers, is known internationally for her Delrae Detox program that cleanses the body and increases energy levels. The seven fitness models were pushed by Dr. Delrae to give it their all, and they agreed the workouts are a great way to help ladies get in shape.

The Litewave Media video crew prepares to film Shrink Your Dress.

Footage from all three cameras will be edited in our Tampa post production studio over the next couple of weeks. The final product will be ready to launch after the holidays, just in time to implement New Year’s resolutions! This is the first video series Litewave Media has created for Shrink Your Dress, LLC and we hope to be producing many more fitness products with them.

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