From filming interviews with CEOs to capturing iconic moments at graduation, Litewave Media had a blast working with Tampa’s very own Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA). Our Tampa video production company recently sat down with CEOs Steven Kemler and Lowell Lifschultz for a brief history of how Ultimate Medical Academy came to be in 1994. Since the foundation of Ultimate Medical Academy, it has supported over 30,000 students in their careers and futures, offering programs online and on campus. With programs ranging from Healthcare Management to Nursing, Ultimate Medical Academy provides it’s students with the tools they need to move forward.


The Litewave Media crew gets ready for a three camera interview shoot.


Over the course of the last few weeks, Litewave media has been staying at the top of its class. We visited Ultimate Medical Academy’s Tampa Campus, equipped with our grip truck as well as camera gear from our Tampa video equipment rental packages. On the day of shooting we set-up three solid black backdrops, using Combo-stands, Rigging Ears, and Tie-line to create a uniform look for our day to come. Setting up the cameras came next. Behind the cameras we had Litewave Media owner and founder Christian Cashmir on a Canon C300; Eric Coughlin on a Canon C100; and Mark Farag on a Canon C100 MkII. Using a KinoFlo 4 Bank lighting kits, 2 Bi-Color LEDGO units, and a few flags to shape the light; we were ready to starting rolling.


To finalize lighting, Intern Olivia and grip Sasha sit in for UMA CEOs.

Shortly after interviewing the CEOs of Ultimate Medical Academy, we took part in their fall graduation. We quickly got to work capturing the memories being made by the 2016 graduating class. The day moved quickly, with Eric Coughlin wearing a Steadicam set-up and filming with a Canon C100, Christian Cashmir behind the Sony A7s mkii stabilized by a Sachtler Mono-pod, and Sasha Sebesta with a Canon 5D in hand. From registration and heartfelt speeches to walking across the stage, Litewave Media made sure to capture all of Ultimate Medical Academy’s 2016 fall graduation moments.

Tampa Video Company-films-speeches-at-Ultimate-Medical-Academy-graduation.

Litewave Media captures speeches and celebration at UMA graduation.

For the past ten years, Litewave Media has partnered with local businesses in the St. Petersburg and Tampa bay areas. Offering a number of rental packages and equipment to choose from, Litewave Media is ready to work to achieve the goals of their clientele. We enjoy working with local businesses in our area and respect the amount of professionalism and dedication that goes into growing a company. With an ever-changing world bustling around us, local businesses in our area are certainly changing the game.


Video production company, Litewave Media, films UMA students waiting to graduate.

Ultimate Medical Academy is changing the game as well. With over 200 live learning labs a week and one-on-one online tutoring, Ultimate Medical Academy is growing and is committed to empowering and preparing students everyday. In addition to keeping up with classes and day-to-day life, Ultimate Medical Academy takes part in many outreach programs. Raising money for All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, donating to OneBlood quarterly, and working with the American Cancer Society are just a few of the amazing programs that Ultimate Medical Academy participates in. It is their mission to raise money and awareness for nonprofit causes and take action in the community.


Litewave Media film crew captures Photo Booth memories at UMA graduation.

Working with Ultimate Medical Academy has been a enjoyable experience. Steven Kemler and Lowell Lifschultz were a delight to sit down with. Hearing the story of Ultimate Medical Academy, and then taking part in its fall graduation was tremendous and up-lifting. Looking forward to the future, Ultimate Medical Academy hopes to expand and grow with their degrees and programs. Litewave Media consistently strives to provide a product that is sure to keep up with a changing world. We are excited for the newly graduated class of 2016 and wish you the best of luck, you may now turn your tassels.