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Profoto Modifiers Rental Tampa FL

Profoto Modifiers Rental Tampa Florida

Photography With the Profoto Modifiers (2’ x 3’, 5’, 3′ Octa Softbox)

Litewave Media offers the Profoto modifiers rental for your photography production needs, including a 2′ x 3′ softbox, 3′ octabox, and 5′ octabox. These four-sided and eight-sided softboxes are high quality and good options for all your photography needs. They feature removable front and inner diffusers and compatibility with over 20 flash brands. They require the Profoto Speedring adapter to use with Profoto lights, such as our Profoto B1X strobe.

The Profoto modifiers rental is a great photography modifier set to use with the Profoto Beauty Dish and with a number of our camera rentals, like the Canon 5D Mark III camera rental. See our other camera options to go with your modifier rental. Check out our review video on the Profoto Octa softbox below. 

Profoto OCF II Snoot Rental Tampa FL

Profoto OCF II Snoot w/ Grid and Gel Kit

Litewave Media also carries the Profoto OCF II Snoot with grid and gel kit. The snoot is a modifier that attaches to the end of a Profoto light and tunnels the light into a circle. It can be used along with our Profoto B1X strobe light. It eliminates light spill and creates a soft-edged circle that is useful for selective lighting. The gels, also for use with the Profoto B1X light, include full and half filters for warming the light that are attached with a magnetic holder. The grid helps narrow the light beam. 

Profoto Modifiers Rental in Tampa, Florida

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Feel free to email or call us anytime for questions on photography, modifier rentals, and to look at any other film equipment and packages for your production. We look forward to helping you find the lighting, camera, lenses and accessories you need! Just let us know what you need to make your production better.