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Profoto D2 Duo Kit Rental Tampa FL

Profoto D2 Duo Kit Rental Tampa FL

Photography With the Profoto D2 Duo 500/500 AirTTL 2-Light Kit

Litewave Media offers the Profoto D2 Duo kit rental for your photography production needs. This kit comes with two Profoto 500W monolights. It is capable of 20 flash per second bursts, action-freezing flash durations, high speed sync support up to 1/8000 sec, and has wireless TTL which can be used with the Air Remote TTL-C, which we offer. Freeze mode can achieve flash durations as short as 1/63,000 of a second.

 The Profoto D2 Duo kit rental also has an intuitive LCD screen with modeling light, ready indicator, mode, sync, channel, and group are available as well as flipping the display like an iPhone. The Profoto D2 Duo kit rental is a great photography light kit to use on any set with a number of our camera rentals, like the Canon 5D Mark III camera rental. Check out the rest of our camera selections to go with your light kit rental.

Profoto D2 Duo Kit Rental Tampa Florida

Profoto D2 Duo 500/500 AirTTL 2-Light Kit

Technical Specs

  • Maximum Power: 1 to 500 Ws

  • Power Control: 10 Stops in 1/10-Stop Increments

  • Flash Duration: t.5: 1/63,000 to 1/2600 Sec

  • Recycle Time: 0.03 to 0.6 Sec ()

  • Color Temperature: 5600K

  • Flash Ready Indicator: Audio, Visual

  • Reflector: 77° Fixed

  • Type: Tungsten

  • Wattage: 300 W

  • Control Modes: Free Set, Full On, Off, Proportional

  • Sync Type: Cable, Infrared, Optical, Radio

  • Sync Speed: 1/1/250 Sec, 1/1/8000 Sec (High-Speed)

  • Wireless Channels / Groups: 8 / 6

  • Wireless Range: 1000′ (Radio)

  • Weight: 6.6 lb

Profoto D2 Duo Kit Rental in Tampa, Florida

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Feel free to contact us anytime for questions on photography, light rentals, or to reserve other film equipment and packages for your production. We look forward to helping you find the lighting, camera, lenses and accessories you need! Call us or email us for any help.