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Steadicam Operator Aero 30 Tampa FL

Tampa Steadicam Operator

The Steadicam Aero 30 is one of the newer camera stabilizers on the market. The Aero 30 capacity is up to 20lb and can support up to our ARRI Alexa Mini rental with a full cinema prime setup. If you’re looking for a Tampa Steadicam Operator, or Florida Steadicam Rental, feel free to reach out to our professional video production team. We also carry other camera stabilizers and Gimbals, including Movi Pro rentals or Ronin and Ronin-S rentals.

Why Choose a Steadicam Rental?

Steadicam systems have been used in the motion picture industry since 1975 and have become a staple on many commercial productions, music videos, and film sets. A Steadicam manually isolates the camera operator’s movements from the camera which allows for a smooth shot even when traversing over rough terrain or stairs by absorbing the bumps and shakes.

Steadicam VS Gimbal

Many believe that after the arrival of gimbals, the Steadicam became obsolete. But in fact, there are a great many cinematographers and directors who still prefer the look and simplicity of the Steadicam over gimbals like the Movi Pro.

Steadicams also offer the benefit of containing no electronic motors. They can operate in more adverse conditions like rain and snow more easily than an electronic gimbal. Some operators also believe that turns and movements can be achieved more easily on a Steadicam. Both gimbals and Steadicams definitely have their purpose on set. And they’re both more affordable than ever before in the history of cinema.

Steadicam AERO 30 Rental Tampa

If you’re looking to rent a Steadicam AERO 30 in the Tampa, FL area, our production company has a complete package available. Our Tampa camera rental house offers Steadicam accessories like monitors and wireless follow focus systems as well. Just let us know what you need!

Video Equipment Rental in St. Petersburg, FL

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