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Sachtler Video 14 II Tripod Rental Tampa FL

Sachtler Video 18 S2 Tripod Rental Tampa Florida

Filming With the Sachtler Video 14 II Tripod

Litewave Media offers the Sachtler Video 14 II tripod rental at our studio in Tampa, FL. The tripod supports up to 33 pounds and offers stable and fluid movement. It is lightweight and has a counterbalance that keeps the camera from tilting in any direction when your hand is not on the handle.

For any size camera, this is a capable tripod rental option. If you’re looking for a camera to use with this tripod, check out the Canon C300 Mark II rental

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Sachtler Video 14 II Tripod Technical Specs

  • Weight: 4.6 lb

  • Max Load: 33lb

  • Counterbalance System: 8 to 19 Nm / 15-35 lb

  • Balance Plate: sliding range 60 mm / 2 2/3″

  • Grades of Drag: horizontally and vertically 3 each and 0

  • Tilt Range: +/- 60°

  • Camera Fitting: Touch & Go camera plate 14 with ¼” and 3/8″ screws

  • Tripod Fitting: 75 mm ball, Pedestal 14 and C II flat base fitting integrated

  • Pan Bars: 30mm diameter ribbed rosette pattern, attachment diameter of 18/32mm, / 0.71/1.26″, length 440 mm / 17.7″

Sachtler Video 14 II Tripod Rental in Florida

Our St. Petersburg video production company is able to customize your Sachtler Video 14 II tripod rental package based on your specific project. If you want to add a monitor, just ask.

The Sachtler Video 14 II tripod rental can be customized with our accessories, cameras and gear for any size production. Make sure to check out what else we have to offer on our full Tampa video equipment rental list << Here. Contact us today to talk about camera rentals or to ask us any questions about our film gear rentals.