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Canon Cine Zoom 30-105mm Lens Rental

Canon Cine Zoom 30-100mm Lens Tampa FL

Filming With the Canon Cine Zoom 30-105mm Lens

Our Canon Cine Zoom 30-105mm lens rental in Tampa, Florida, is a great telephoto cinema zoom lens option. This lens has a Canon EF mount however it is also compatible with Super 35mm-equivalent image format and APS-C-size sensors. It has a maximum aperture of f/2.8, making it useful in low lit scenes. With a M.O.D. of 23.6″, shoot tight close-ups and in tight spaces is more possible, ideal for shooting different types of shots in indoor and outdoor scenes.

This lens works well with the Canon EOS camera systems, which we offer. When used with these cameras, it supports lens-camera communication, enabling the recording of zoom and other settings with video data.The lens also has geared inner focusing to minimize changes in the angle of view from changing focus, eliminating focus breathing. 

The Canon Cine Zoom 30-105mm lens also is a good match with the Canon Cine Zoom 15.5-47mm which Litewave Media also has in our inventory. If you’re interested in renting the full set or the individual lens we are happy to customize a package for your film production.

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Canon Cine Zoom 30-100mm Lens Rental Tampa

Canon Cine Zoom 30-105mm Technical Specs

  • Format: Super35/APS-C

  • Minimum Focus Distance from Image Plane: 23.6″

  • Iris Blades: 11

  • Front Diameter: 114 mm

  • Filter Thread: 105 mm

  • Zoom Ratio: 3.5x

  • Weight: 4.8 lb

Telephoto Cinema Zoom Lens Rental in Florida

Our Florida-based film studio has a variety of cinema lenses available for rent ranging from budget options to high end cinema quality lenses depending on your needs.

The Canon Cine Zoom lens is a great all around lens for shooting different angles and focal lengths in different locations. The high quality technology also eliminates common problems with zoom lenses. It is also ideal for close-up shooting or difficult filming locations. Consider our Canon Cine Zoom 30-105mm lens rental in Tampa, FL for your cinema lens needs.

Canon Cine Zoom 30-100mm Lens Rental Tampa Florida

Canon Cine Zoom 30-105mm Lens Rental in Tampa, FL

Litewave Media offers the Canon Cine Zoom 30-105mm, as well as the Canon Cine Zoom 15.5-47mm lens. If you’re interested in the Canon Cine Zoom set or any other cinema lens rentals in Tampa, Florida, let us know! To view our other cinema zoom lens rentals like the Fujinon Cabrio 20-120mm Zoom Lens << Click Here. To see our full Tampa camera rentals list << Click Here. Feel free to email or call us anytime for questions on cinema lens rentals or to reserve other film equipment for your production.