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Canon Cine Servo Zoom 70-200mm Lens Rental

Canon 70-200 CN-E Zoom Lens Tampa FL

Filming With the Canon Cine Servo Zoom 70-200mm Lens 

The Canon Cine Servo Zoom 70-200mm lens rental is offered by Litewave Media. This cinema lens supports 4K recording and Super 35 sensors. What we like about this zoom is it’s both compact and lightweight. It’s par-focal and so maintains sharp focus while zooming. It’s minimum T-stop is T4.4. The iris can be controlled using the servo unit, as well as REC start/stop, handgrip focus, and zoom control.

This is a great option for a versatile lens. If you are interested in a camera option as well for this lens, we offer a variety of cinema cameras including the Canon C300 Mk II. Let us know what kind of camera package you are looking for!

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Canon 70-200 CN-E Lens Rental Tampa

Canon 70-200 CN-E Lens Tech Specs

  • Mount Type: EF

  • Focal Length: 70-200mm

  • Zoom Ratio: 3x

  • Maximum Aperture: T4.4 (f/4.0)

  • Number of Aperture Blades: 9

  • Length: 7.17″

  • Weight: 2.76 lb

Canon Cine Servo Zoom 70-200mm Lens Rental in Tampa, FL

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