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ARRI Matte Box Rental Tampa FL

ARRI Matte Box Rental

Filming With the ARRI LMB 4×5 Matte Box

Litewave Media offers an ARRI matte box rental with the ARRI LMB 4×5 3-Stage Clamp On Matte Box. It includes a 15mm lightweight rod support, 19mm rail adapter, one 2-filter stage, one 1-filter stage and three 4 x 5.65″ combo filter trays. It also includes a carbon fiber top flag to protect against flare and includes a filter tray catcher. We offer a variety of accessories including the tilt-and-flex adapter, universal adapter donut (for fitting a variety of lenses), and individual lens clamp-on adapters from 95mm to 114mm, etc. This ARRI matte box is ultra lightweight at less than 2 lbs. Some other notable features include its tilting capability, modular style, and ability to clamp directly onto the lens.

We stock a variety of 4×5.65” cinema filters to use with the ARRI Lightweight Matte Box including: Black Pro Mist, Hollywood BlackMagic, Glimmerglass, True-Streak, Pearlescent, NDs, and more. Check out our full inventory of 4×5 cinema filter rentals.

The ARRI matte box rental in Tampa also pairs great with our Atlas Orion Anamorphics T2 PL lenses or our ARRI Alexa Mini camera package.


Why the ARRI LMB 4×5 Matte Box?

Matte boxes are a great camera accessory for blocking out lens flares, protecting your lens, and for adding filtration to your camera. They also can improve contrast in a scene and are used by many DPs for outdoor shooting for when the sun and reflections can be a concern. The ARRI LMB 4×5 Matte Box is one of the best available, and its ultra light weight makes it an invaluable tool for filming.

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ARRI Matte Box Tampa FL

ARRI LMB 4×5 Matte Box Technical Specs

  • Compatible Filter Sizes: 4 x 5.65″, 4 x 4″

  • Rod Compatibility: 15mm-diameter lightweight rods

  • Supported Lens Diameter: Universal Lens Donut: 62-143mm

  • Material of Top/Bottom & Side Flags: Carbon fiber

  • Material Universal Lens Donut: Rubber

  • Weight: 5 lbs

ARRI LMB 4×5 Matte Box Rental in Florida

If you’re looking for a cinema camera or lenses to use with the ARRI Matte Box rental, our Florida production studio also carries the ARRI Alexa Mini, ARRI Amira cameras, and a variety of lenses to fit your camera package desires. To check out our other video equipment rentals like the ARRI FF-5 Cine Follow Focus Set or the Atlas Orion Anamorphic Lenses, check out our full Tampa video equipment rental list << Here.

We’re happy to help you find the camera and accessories you need for your Florida film production. Just let us know how we can help! Feel free to email or call us anytime for questions on film gear rentals or to reserve other film equipment and packages for your production.