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The Skyship Chronicles (2014)

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This riveting Steampunk action adventure film unlocks the first chapter in this swashbuckling series. Journey with sky pirates and ingenious inventors on a quest for the world's most powerful invention.


[video production, post production, and 3D animation produced by Litewave Media]

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Skyship Chron.

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Jules Dongu

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Tampa Bay's Independent Film Community

Tampa Bay has become a hub for independent film production in Florida. Litewave Media has produced more than 20 short films over the past few years, and has won numerous awards.

Litewave Media is currently in production on a Steampunk short film entitled The Skyship Chronicles, filmed primarily in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Tampa Feature Film Production

Litewave Media has edited a number of feature length films including "Chasing Paradise" in 2009. We also produced our first feature titled Jules Dongu Saves the World that premiered at Gotham Screen International Film Festival in 2012. For more information visit the official film's website at
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